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Apple Pay – In a Nutshell.

Apple announced the Apple pay – the new generation mobile payment system on 9th September, 2014. As per Apple , this revolutionises mobile payments  made from new generation iPhone (iPhone 6 and 6 plus ) and iPhone 5,5c & 5c 

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Declarative Programming

The conventional programming practice (know as Imperative programming)  where a developer define a number of actions to change the state of a data element is getting obsolete due to it’s gap between what a problem is manifested in the real

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Imminent death of two Titans – TV Ads and Landlines

The on demand streaming of TV media and the ability for pause-record-watch provided by setup boxes are empowering the TV viewers to avoid advertisements. The  avenues for ads hit the eyeballs are now limited to the commercial beaks of live

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Semantic Interoperability(SI) of Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) in Travel domain

We most often ignore Semantic Interoperability (SI) when designing service interfaces, unless it is mandated by an organizational discipline of standard. I have been working on providing a REST (Representational State Transfer) based APIs to one of our COTS vendors.

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Building WCF services capable of providing both Restful and SOAP services

There is a widespread adoption of  RESTful services recently. The  integration frameworks and the philosophy of ‘internet of things’ emphasise the need of quick integration of services in addition adhering of  the highest level of interoperability requirements.  In this article

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My experiments with Surface RT

I bought a Surface RT as the part of January sale promotion from Microsoft store. I was missing a tablet since my IPAD was stolen on our Wedding anniversary trip to Barcelona. My experience at Microsoft stores was excellent. The

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